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Winter salami (Hungarian Téliszalámi) is a type of Hungarian salami based on a centuries old producing tradition. Made from mangalitsa pork and spices: white pepper, allspice and others. Winter salami is cured in cold air and smoked slowly. During the dry ripening process a special noble-mold is formed on the casing surface.

Winter Salami

Hungarian Téliszalámi

PDO/PGI varietiesEdit

Szegedi téliszalámi (winter salami of Szeged) gained European Union PDO status in 2007[1], followed by Budapesti téliszalámi, which gained PGI status in 2009. The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development places many specific regulations on what can be called Szeged winter salami.[2]

Pick Szeged is the most successful producer of this style of salami.[3]


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