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Grützwurst, Graupenwurst, or Wurstebrei is an unsmoked or lightly smoked German sausage (similar to kaszanka in Poland) which contains, in addition to meat, also groats (a word cognate to the German Grütze, thus the name), barley, or crumbled bread. Regionally, because of its appearance, it is also known as "Tote Oma" ("dead grandma").

Blutwurst and Leberwurst from Berlin, types of Grützwurst

The name Grützwurst is derived from Grütze (groats), one of the main ingredients, as the Polish name kaszanka is derived from kasza, with the same meaning.

The ingredients vary according to the region. It is prepared from pork and pork rind, hich is pre-cooked, ground in a meat grinder, mixed with cooked groats and spices (such as pepper, allspice, and marjoram), and finally stuffed into an intestine. The resulting sausages are cooked in hot, but not boiling, water for about half an hour.

The sausage has a variable consistency and can either be served hot like a porridge (called Frische Wurst, fresh sausage) or sliced and roasted and served with sauerkraut, boiled or mashed potatoes, or applesauce.

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