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Doctor's sausage is a traditional Russian boiled sausage made from beef, pork, milk and spices. It's name is due to the fact that it was prescribed to patients with compromised health.


A doctor's sausage.

Doctor's Sausage appeared in the 30s of the last century, or rather-on April 29, 1936. Then there were economically difficult times, especially in the villages. People mostly ate porridge and lean cabbage soup, and they ate meat only on holidays. Naturally, anemia and similar ailments associated with a lack of protein in food reigned among the rural and urban population. Soviet doctors were concerned about this problem. Since this sausage appeared largely due to the concern of doctors with the issue of irrational nutrition, it was called "doctor's", that is, recommended by doctors for the entire population with compromised health. In a document of that time, it was written: "... to patients who have undermined their health as a result of the Civil War and tsarist despotism."

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